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When you grow up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina--just south of Asheville--you’re constantly exposed to the bluegrass, gospel, and country music that have long been prevalent there. Add to that the adolescent influences of rock and roll and the emotional soul and blues sounds of singers like Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, and--if you’re a singer--you’re bound to develop a style that could sound something like Jennifer Prince.

Singing and playing music was just what you did growing up in Carolina—at church, at home, at school, at talent shows. When Jennifer started in her first local group, she became “the girl in the band,” a role she has capably filled time and again throughout the years.

Sometimes in groups, sometimes solo, a life on the road began taking Jennifer across the United States, into Canada and Europe, and on some of the Atlantic/Caribbean islands, including Barbados. A performance at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, led her to a staff songwriting position with Bug Music in Nashville.

Jennifer has performed in small clubs and large concert halls; at outdoor festivals; on cruise ships; for corporate functions and patriotic events (including military); for many private engagements; and for church and group-related events of all kinds. She has also done back-up work in the studio and on stage. Television, radio, film, theater and jingle work are each a part of her professional resume.

When asked about her most memorable times on the road, the redhead smiles and responds in an articulate voice laced with genuine southern charm, "You meet a lot of other musicians playing on the road. My most memorable experience has to be either meeting Ray Charles or having James Brown sit in with ME!"  

Jennifer delights in recounting both stories. “I was doing an afternoon sound check in a hotel ballroom in Charlotte where I was playing that night. The sound engineer asked me to 'belt out something.' So I sang a couple of verses of Georgia On My Mind because it's a song with a lot of range and dynamics. What I didn't realize was, at the same time, Ray Charles was checking into the hotel!

Ray Charles heard me singing his song and thought I was performing it especially for him, which earned me a little visiting time with him later in the evening as we were both heading out for our gigs. I was thrilled to get the chance to talk with him one on one. I had heard that he was sometimes temperamental, so I had a guy hide in the bushes and take a photo, just in case he wouldn’t allow it. I still have that picture--framed," she laughs. "When I discovered Ray Charles, I learned what performing a song is all about."

And Mr. Brown? “I was playing his favorite haunt in Augusta, Georgia. He and his entourage came in often and usually sat in a private room in the back. On a break I'd go out to the parking lot with the guys from the kitchen and take turns walking up to his car. He had a big, long Lincoln or Cadillac--I don't know what kind of car it was. But when you got too close, an electronic voice from the car would shout, ‘Get away from the car!’ We’d never heard anything like that before.

One night James Brown just walked in where I was playing and the crowd loved it, of course. We sang Since I Fell For You together—his suggestion. It was so exciting."

-- Anna Sarah Terrell

  This past December, Jennifer was honored to play in Conservation Hall at the Governor's Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.  Over 300 special guests gathered for a festive Christmas party hosted by two-term Governor Phil Bredesen and First Lady Andrea Conte.

Governor Phil Bredesen and First Lady Andrea Conte

Jennifer's song Packed Up, Prayed Up, Ready To Go was featured in the Nashville Theatre production of “A Scattered, Smothered and Covered Christmas,” which ran "held over and sold out" from November 12, 2010, through January 2, 2011.  The musical comedy includes songs from Nashville songwriters  Randy Travis, T. Graham Brown, Paul Overstreet, and others.  The venue is in Printers Alley, downtown Nashville.
Jennifer was heard for several years on station WLAC 1510AM live from Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, every Saturday night.  She was a member of the “Ill Eagles” band on the 3-hour radio show Legally Speaking.  It was a homespun kind of call-in show with a Nashville flavor--three prominent attorneys and a five-piece band.  WLAC is a 50,000 watt Clear Channel station that broadcasts to over 32 states.


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